Dental Imaging for Sleep Apnea

In Dr. Nugent’s day to day dental practice he utilizes advanced imaging. This imaging is useful in the screening of sleep apnea patient. If you are a Cardiologist or Sleep Physician and order a CPAP. Wouldn’t you like to know if your patient had nasal airway patency.

Dr. Nugent has invested in state of the art Cone Beam Computed Tomography because it allows him to safely and predictably do dental implant surgery. When our office is part of the medical team, Dr. Nugent can easily scan your patients and forward you the Radiologist report of the 3D scan.

Panoramic X-rays

A panoramic x-ray is routinely taken at dental offices. It provides a large general pathology view within the maxillomandibular structures. The panoramic study, combined with dental x-rays, is appropriate for benign snoring patients with negligible health history and no history of jaw-related problems. These x-rays are reviewed and interpreted by Dr. Nugent.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography Study (CBCT)

A Cone Beam Computed Tomography Study (CBCT), also known as a 3D x-ray, is a hybridization of a standard medical maxillofacial CT scan and dental imaging. The CBCT delivers significantly less radiation that a conventional medical CT of the same anatomical area. The focal point is .3mm which increases image clarity. For sleep apnea patients, Dr. Nugent has a Radiologist read the CBCT. A CBCT is indicated for optimum patient care.

Dental CBCT for Apnea

General CBCT data gathered:

  • Degree of pharyngeal airway blockage and location of blockage
  • Degree of nasal blockage
  • Pathology in the head, face, jaw and neck area
  • Degenerative joint disease (jaw joints and/or cervical spine)
  • Posteriorly displaced mandibular condyles
  • Abnormal joint anatomy
  • Maxillomandibular orthognathic abnormalities
  • Definitive evidence of dental and/or periodontal pathology

Detailed CBCT information


  • Patency of airway
  • Location of narrowest aspect
  • Existence of growths, anatomical variations, or other pathology

Patient Profile

  • Symmetry
  • Abnormalities

Jaw joints with lateral and frontal perspective

  • Condition of condyle and fossa
  • Condyle location in fossa


  • Patency
  • Existence of growths, anatomical variations or other pathology

Nasal Airway

  • Condition of Septum
  • Condition of internal soft tissue
  • Patency of airway
  • Existence of growths, anatomical variations or other pathology

Teeth and alveolar support

  • Evidence of bone loss (periodontal disease)
  • Evidence of dental disease
  • Anomalies / Pathology

Maxilla, mandible and cervical spine

  • Anomalies / pathology

General Screening

  • Anomalies / pathology

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