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Dental Sleep Apnea and Dentists

People ponder why or how dentists can help sleep apnea treatment.   At our office, we feel that your dental health is a big part of your overall health.  Furthermore, people usually see their dentist more than their family physician.   It is our Pasadena Dental Office’s responsibility to notice things that could harmfully affect your health, and put you on the right path to solving the problem.  Sleep Apnea is a huge un-diagnosed problem in American.

Sleep Apnea with Dr. Nugent

So many of the signs and symptoms of Sleep Apnea are things that Drs. Nugent and West see every day.  Dentists are usually better suited to notice the airway in the back of your mouth and your oral habits like grinding or wear from acid erosion. Had your medical doctor ever examined your teeth, tongue or airway? Properly trained sleep dentists are on the front line of screening for sleep apnea, and there to offer mandibular advancement devices when appropriate.

Dentist and Sleep Apnea

Our Pasadena Dental Office will work with your physician, sleep doctor, and medical insurance to find a solution for you. We are involved in a team effort with your medical physician to improve your health. Sleep Apena has many disastrous health manifestations.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) raises your risk for numerous serious health problems. Some of the problems are listed below:

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