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Sleep Apnea is a sleeping disorder that effects breathing. The word apnea is of Greek origin meaning “want of breath”. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the most common form of apnea. There is also Central Sleep Apnea and Mixed Sleep Apnea. However, Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the most common. It occurs when the airway is physically blocked by the tongue, uvula and other soft tissues at the back of the mouth.

New dental treatments are now available to individuals in lieu of the traditional Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Machine or CPAP machine.

If you suffer from symptoms such as poor sleep, fatigue, teeth clenching or grinding, load snoring, morning headaches, waking with a sore or dry throat, you may suffer from a form of sleep apnea. A home sleep study is the first step in diagnosing Sleep Apnea.

Sleep studies were traditionally done in a intimidating clinical setting. However, they can now be done in the comfort of your own home and bed.

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Millions of Americans suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea and it effects more men than women. The cessation of breathing can last between 10 and 30 seconds and occur several times per hour. It is a life-threatening condition because it can cause death and numerous health problems not limited to:

In the past, the treatment for obstructive sleep apnea is a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Machine (CPAP). The quality of mask has improved in recent years. Yet, despite continuous improvements, these noisy machines and constrictive, uncomfortable masks can still lead to noncompliance. Most patients give up on their CPAP machine.

CPAP Problems


Dr. Nugent can help with CPAP noncompliance. He can make an oral appliance that is far more comfortable than the traditional CPAP machine.


If you suffer from symptoms of Sleep Apnea allow us to help. Dr. Nugent is a leader in anti-snoring and Sleep Apnea in Pasadena, Texas. He works with medical doctors to accurately diagnosis your specific medical condition. Our Pasadena, Texas Sleep Office can help determine if you are at risk for Obstructive Sleep Apnea and guide you through the steps of getting treatment. If you are a candidate for an oral Sleep Apnea appliance we are here to help you get back to your well rested productive life.

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