Treating Obesity and Sleep Apnea

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Sleep Apnea and Obesity

Dr. Nugent provides therapy for sleep apnea in Pasadena, Texas. Obstructive sleep apnea treatment can include CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine or a custom oral appliance therapy. Our office offers sleep apnea oral appliances for sleep apnea.  For patients who are overweight or obese, sleep apnea therapy should be applied alongside a weight loss program. Many patients find it easier to manage their weight as their quality of sleep improves after beginning sleep apnea therapy.

Sleep Apnea and Obesity


Does Sleep Apnea Only Occur in Overweight Patients?

Being overweight significantly increases a patient’s risk for obstructive sleep apnea, apnea is not limited to patients who have a high body mass index. Obstructive sleep apnea can affect patients for a number of reasons and is not always related to weight.

Dangers of Sleep Apnea

Additional risk factors for the apena include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Tobacco and alcohol use (especially when combined in the hours before bed)
  • Chronic nasal congestion
  • Uncontrolled diabetes

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Seek Sleep Apnea Treatment Before It’s Too Late

Don’t forget that the health consequences of sleep apnea are severe, and can include premature death. If you suspect you or someone you love are dealing with sleep apnea as a result of obesity or any other factor, please do not wait to seek treatment from our Pasadena Sleep Apnea office. Dr. Nugent and team can help you regain your restful night’s sleep for a better, more energetic life. Schedule your new patient consultation today.

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